Journal: A Monterey Parking Lot Is An Actual Concours Anywhere Else

A Monterey Parking Lot Is An Actual Concours Anywhere Else

By Michael Banovsky
August 22, 2016

With photographer Tim Scott roaming around the Monterey Car Week, you never know what interesting vehicle or exciting angle will come through. Assigned to several events already, he just had to train his lens on a subject that should have been boring: parked cars at The Quail. They were anything but…

One of the joys of Monterey is it’s impossible to be too ostentatious; here, you’ll see camouflaged Lamborghinis, sports racing Ferraris, and enough 200+ mph Porsches wearing license plates that you’ll wonder if this isn’t the Le Mans weekend.

Taking a Pre-War car to the show would have been a riot—along with that red Acura NSX—but the one car to catch my eye is the right-hand-drive Nissan Bluebird SSS coupe, which appears to have both a slick vanity plate and a few subtle suspension, wheel, and tire modifications.

Did you see anything spectacular in a parking lot during the Monterey Car Week?

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Paul Eisenberg
Paul Eisenberg
7 years ago

Hi Michael Banovsky.
What is you e-mail you took an incredible picture of my car and I would like a hi-re version.

Nicolas Moss
Nicolas Moss
7 years ago

I call it “dumpster diving at the Quail”… can’t afford the price of the meal? Just go around back to the parking lot and look for some tasty scraps. Thank goodness parking is free and they don’t check for a ticket.

Some of more enjoyable delicacies: Giulietta Sprint Speciale, Luftgekühlt 911 sitting next to the 2002 turbo, cute-as-a-button Nissan Figaro, Maserati Ghibli, Chrysler Town And Country convertible, insanely clean Mercedes 190 roadster, Rolls Silver Wraith, and of course, the Cosworth Vega. But my favorite was the line of Ferraris with a Mustang in the middle… a feisty pony amongst the the thoroughbreds.

I think that Shelby Daytona inched passed me on the freeway during the Friday morning crawl to Carmel…

Nicolas Moss
Nicolas Moss
7 years ago
Reply to  Nicolas Moss

Oh, and there was the following in the parking lot at Legends.

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