Journal: 9 Examples of How To #drivetastefully In Monterey

9 Examples of How To #drivetastefully In Monterey

By Petrolicious Productions
August 19, 2015

Narrowing this story down to just nine from the community has been difficult and taken far longer than we anticipated. There really are so many great shots taken over more than a week of activity at Monterey and at all of the events held up and down the peninsula.

From on-track action at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to delightful views of concours events and excursions onto driving roads, #drivetastefully was all over Monterey—and these are some of our favorite shots from the events.

@thebohemianrun was not above making a Batmobile joke: “Ta Na Na Nu Na Nu….” indeed at the sight of this BMW 3.0 CSL. @amficalora makes a bold statement, saying, “My favorite car at Legends of the Autobahn.” Hard to top the M1, for sure! A Jaguar E-Type, the ocean, a summer day… looks like @rodsandyachts had a good time.

It’s so rare to see a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL out in the open that, well, we almost forget about the normal traffic behind the car. @lesgrandsducs got this rare bird at the side of the road. We were hugely impressed by this shot from @fauxtographic…does it not sum up the historics pretty well? And another of @lesgrandsducs’s photos, where he captured a car featured in our actual Monterey Guide—how do you prepare for a concours?( 

@valkyrfilms says, “The Admiral’s Ferrari; 1955 500 Mondial, as seen in Bugatti Blue”. Great shot of this very rare car. What do people do when they’re not at an event? Go for a scenic drive, of course! @amficalora got this group of performance cars at the beach. Finally, a great photo of a Superformance GT40 continuation—at least that’s what the rear window sticker says! Looks slick, as always, in Gulf Oil colors.

Next week, we return to regularly scheduled programming, so please tag your Instagram photos with #drivetastefully—and if you don’t fancy yourself a photographer, be sure to look at past weeks to get a bit of inspiration. 

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Steven Melnick
Steven Melnick
8 years ago

Very cool, also check out and companion [url=””]Instagram[/url] for updates on the most interesting cars selling at these auctions!

Jim Valcarcel
Jim Valcarcel
8 years ago
Reply to  Steven Melnick

Hey Steve, thanks for the tip on the website! Of course it’s not as good as Petrolicious (no other site is as good as Petrolicious 🙂 ) but a nice place to visit when are waiting for the next item on Petro!

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