Journal: Atlanta's First Concours Was A Fantastic Day In The Sun

Atlanta’s First Concours Was A Fantastic Day In The Sun

By Michael Banovsky
October 19, 2016

Photography by ©Rachel Shuler : MTS Drive

If you’re a casual reader, you may assume that concours d’elegance events happen constantly, everywhere, if our regular coverage of them is anything to go by. But finding one near you may be a challenge, as it was in Atlanta, Georgia until a massive 3,500 French country-styled estate was filled with incredible vintage machines. Here’s what Atlanta’s first concours d’elegance looked like.

Held at the Château Élan Winery and Resort, the Atlanta Concours d’Elegance featured a special focus on Italian dream machines and special guests, including main honoree Don Panoz. With classes ranging from early Brass Era and Pre-War American cars to barn finds and the race cars of Road Atlanta, it’s clear the grounds allowed organizers to prepare an epic selection of vehicles.

Photographer Rachel Shuler shot literally hundreds of frames from the event, and we’ve distilled this year into a few dozen of our favorites—what was your favorite machine at the Atlanta Concours d’Elegance?

Visit the Atlanta Concours d’Elegance website and follow its Instagram in the lead-up to the second annual event; its date has been set for October 1, 2017.


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purushottam jha
purushottam jha
6 years ago

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Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
2024 years ago

Wow! Love that thing with the propellor and the Panoz. My father was able to spend some time in the cockpit of the factory ALMS entries back in the day (the coupe, before the roadster). He refers to it often, so I guess he was impressed, as it was an original layout for the time. I enjoyed watching them take it to Audi back in those days with Brabham, Magnussen, and others.

Thanks for sharing.

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