Gear: Car Art with an Unexpected Twist

Car Art with an Unexpected Twist

By Petrolicious Productions
April 22, 2015

Here’s something you don’t think about often: when race cars get damaged before a race, who hand cuts and applies the replacement vinyl lettering and livery? For a time, artist Joel Clark worked at Silverstone Circuit doing just that—and it’s influenced his work ever since.

We’ve previously featured Clark’s work and in that article, you can see a number of great works all completed in vinyl—no paint needed!

Now, his work is taken on a new focus—one we’re very much fans of. Owing to more of an abstract, fine art style, Clark now uses vinyl a bit differently. Returning to his roots as a signmaker at Silverstone, car parts are used—mirrors, doors, bonnet, and boot—as a canvas with which to depict an often surreal scene.

They’re amazing, and instantly transport the viewer into a whole new place; we can all remember focusing on interesting reflections, after all. These reflections are brought to life with bold colors, which are just what’s needed to make each line pop.

Somewhat different are the motorcycle helmets he’s wrapped, with each depicting the feeling of speed in such an attractive way that we wonder if it’s possible to actually paint a helmet in this manner!

Clark still does more traditional “car art” pieces of specific vehicles—and does commissions—but for our money, there’s nothing quite like seeing humble car parts being elevated into the world of fine art. 

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