Journal: There's More to Goodwood than Vintage Cars

There’s More to Goodwood than Vintage Cars

By Ezekiel Wheeler
October 2, 2013

The military takes great care to convey a certain image when its servicemen and women are out in public. From the frontlines to formal wear, they pay careful attention to the detail and design applied to each garment.

If you weren’t born early enough to have been issued WW2-, Cold-War-, or Korean-War-era uniforms, some of the few opportunities to wear said garments today are during war reenactments or Halloween. Thankfully, the Goodwood Revival dedicates a large part of its show to honor their role during WW2 as a relief airfield.

Aircrafts from this time period are sprinkled about the large lush grass airstrip. Here you can find P51 Mustangs, Spitfires, Hurricanes and Warhawks humming as they await for takeoff. Juxtaposed to the airfield, you’ll find barracks filled with period correct mechanics, medics, infantry and high ranking officials dressed to the nines.

Wool flight jackets are matched with aviator wings attached to Garrison Caps, fill the cockpits of each warbird. Lingering about the grounds you’ll find everything from pin-ups to Rosie the Riveter outfits. You might even see quartets of “enlisted” women strolling the barracks, making this niche of the Goodwood Revival one of the most celebrated motifs of the weekend.

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Photography by David Marvier for Petrolicious

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2 years ago

Consider all of your decorations when you choose a color scheme. For example, if you have red candles, make them pop by using a white tablecloth.

10 years ago

The only missing thiing here is a pinup by Romain Hugault. 😉

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