Gear: Iconic Racing Scenes Come Alive in Art by Andrew Mcgeachy

Iconic Racing Scenes Come Alive in Art by Andrew Mcgeachy

By Petrolicious Productions
May 26, 2015

It may seem strange to note that capturing an image of vehicles moving—be it on film or later, as art—is quite a difficult thing to do. For the Switzerland-based British freelance designer Andrew McGeachy, however, depicting some of racing’s greatest drivers, cars, and battles seems to be second nature.

A former car designer with Volkswagen AG, McGeachy moved to Switzerland in order to become a teacher at the Art Center outpost in that country, quickly developing his formerly illustrative style into a more impressionistic and dynamic approach today.

Capturing motion isn’t just done with brushstrokes; McGeachy tries to build spontaneity into his depictions, which are often quite large and captivating.

We’re happy to feature his work here, but make note that McGeachy’s work often stretches beyond the canvas into other areas like wall sculptures and event posters. If you’d like to view more of his work or get in contact, visit McGeachy’s website

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Kr Ashwin
Kr Ashwin
6 years ago

This is so amazing and classic Junction to play unique card game that you never ever played.f anyone once played this and at this place then they will became a greatest fan of this.

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