Gear: Limited Edition James Hunt Artwork Now In The Petrolicious Shop

Limited Edition James Hunt Artwork Now In The Petrolicious Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
July 13, 2016

Both subject, Formula 1 World Champion James Hunt, and artist, Joel Clark, are a bit atypical. The racer was known for his bravado, charm, immense talent while behind the wheel, and excited fans with his unique way of arriving in the winner’s circle. Also happiest when doing things differently, Clark’s artwork relies, first, on vinyl and not paint—a surprisingly stunning development as far as we’re concerned.

When trying to replicate the “pop” of sponsorship decals used in period, Clark wondered if it wasn’t a better idea to reproduce his fine art by using the same tools of the original artists. Meaning, Clark replicates on canvas with hand-cut vinyl shapes what the brightly-colored liveries were in period. The scene is then replicated on fine art giclée satin paper, for a powerful, bright picture set to make any wall pop.

Recently updated with an all-new vinyl collage, the Petrolicious Shop now carries four versions of Clark’s James Hunt tribute: Standard and Premium editions, each available on your choice of black or white background.

Click here to get your limited edition James Hunt “Speed Icon” print

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Samantha Saint
Samantha Saint
4 years ago

I absolutely love this art work, it looks amazing!

vaporwave text

Samantha Saint
Samantha Saint
4 years ago
Reply to  Samantha Saint

it’s really nice!

James Toal
James Toal
7 years ago

Why the Scottish flag? I seem to have missed that bit of his biog’.

Gary Drew
Gary Drew
7 years ago
Reply to  James Toal

Hesketh team’s Scottish ancestry