News: More Details Reveal Sporting Nature Of Ferrari’s Roma

More Details Reveal Sporting Nature Of Ferrari’s Roma

By News Desk
December 20, 2019

Ferrari was kind enough last month to bless our eyeballs with the achingly gorgeous Roma, a 2+2 grand tourer based on the Portofino convertible. And now, the Prancing Horse has revealed more details about its technical aspects.

From the info, the Roma seems to have more dynamic performance than the Portofino. The car is 440 pounds (200kh-ish) lighter, and it’s got an eight-speed gearbox mated to the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 that makes 611hp and 561lb ft (760Nm) of torque. The exhaust is revised and the two rear silencers were removed for less backpressure.

For added dynamics, the Roma gets a five-step Manettino along with Side Slip Control 6.0 that controls the differential and other tech bits, and a Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (in Race mode only) that dabs individual brakes for more controllable sideslip fun.

The overall design was intended to reflect on the classic grand tourers of the 1950s and ‘60s, hence the clean lines and lack of superfluous inlets. But there’s still some clever aerodynamics at play; a hidden, three-step rear wing that pops up at speed and vortex generators under the front help keep it grounded.

Inside, Ferrari designed a “symmetrical” cockpit for both driver and passenger, but most interestingly is that the gear selector controls are set on a metal plate designed to reference a piece of Ferrari’s history: a classic gear lever gate.

*Images courtesy of Ferrari

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Dan M
Dan M
11 months ago

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Daniel Meyers
Daniel Meyers
1 year ago

The Ferrari Roma is a landmark model for the Italian brand at least because there has never been a V8 front-engine coupe in the lineup before. Compared to V12 coupes and V8 center-engined cars, the Roma is legitimately cheaper. It’s essentially an entry-level coupe in the Ferrari range. Although the basis here is taken from the Portofino convertible, Roma’s body and interior are completely own, and the engine is more powerful. For me, as a person who provides expert writing services to , every detail is important. In the case of these cars, it’s the details that make them special. Yes, and what I like best is that no other modern Ferrari has a such interior architecture with a giant center console dividing the interior into two cockpits. Curiously enough, there is its own touchscreen display in front of the passenger.

Craig Bobroy
Craig Bobroy
3 years ago

I am going to bet it doesn’t way 400 LBS less than a PF. Maybe 200 LBS at most.

robert hone
robert hone
3 years ago

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