Gear: Retro-Styled Pacto Helmets Have Been Added To The Petrolicious Shop

Retro-Styled Pacto Helmets Have Been Added To The Petrolicious Shop

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
January 18, 2018

Find the full selection of Pacto helmets and visors in the Petrolicious Shop

You don’t need to be part of the crowds at the Goodwood Revival to appreciate a nice set of period-correct driving gloves, and you don’t need to be on the next Mille Miglia entry list in order to stretch a pair of goggles around a vintage lid for a spirited drive.

We all like the “way things used to be” in one sense or another when it comes to cars, but Driving Tastefully is defined by more than what you happen to be behind the wheel of. When it comes to the machines, we celebrate the marks and blemishes and other signs of age and accumulated experiences, but if you’re a fan of vintage clothing as well as motoring, then the patina that looks so lovely in the garage turns into an unsightly stain that possesses none of the charm of cracked paint. That’s why we’re happy to add a line of Pacto products to our Shop; these classic helmet designs offer the classic style of ‘50s and ‘60s racing drivers without having to put something around your head that’s half a century old. If you were to buy a true vintage helmet, you’d either be paying an exorbitant amount for something with provenance that you’d never wear, or you’d find yourself holding something that many unremarkable people have previously sweated into. The choice of what to wear is not the same as what to drive in this instance, so newer really is better.

The Pacto helmets we carry—the Carrera and Les Leston-style Carrera Master—are customizable as well as classically styled, and each is a made-to-order item built by hand, offering custom sizing of your choice as well as any color. Once you’ve placed your order you will receive an email to begin the process of color selection and sizing. To further set yourself apart on the next Gentleman’s ride or drive, Pacto also offers a set of accessories that can be snapped onto their helmets, with simple leather visors and leather-and-acrylic screens.

Disclaimer: It should be noted that Pacto helmets are not intended for competitive use, and are not crash-certified like a dedicated track helmet would be. They do not meet any of the modern safety standards and are sold as collector’s items only.

Find the full selection of Pacto helmets and visors in the Petrolicious Shop

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Great article! These helmets are so adorable and a true depiction of the art of perfection.

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