Gear: Style Inspiration: 1950s Accessories

Style Inspiration: 1950s Accessories

By Petrolicious Productions
February 21, 2014

For your consideration, today we feature a selection of accessories (and one poster) to inspire your wardrobe. The majority are modern classics inspired by the styles of the 1950s while one has been influencing global taste since the turn of the last century.

The poster: Mossant was a French hat manufacturer whose worldwide success exposed their beautiful poster art to millions of people. They closed their doors in 1998, but their advertising art lives on. In particular this iconic example painted by Leonetto Cappiello. Makes us fancy a bowler.

The camera: A premium feel coupled with handsome retro styling (designed to look like 1950s Leicas and Kodaks) is a recipe for a hit. And while the Fujifilm X100S is a modern camera, it doesn’t just rely on good looks. It’s popular with photographers due to its superior lens and sensor combination and hybrid viewfinder. Additionally, it has won several design awards including the prestigious 2013 Good Design Award bestowed by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

The glasses: “Quoting iconic styles from the 20th century, a huge pool of inspiration for shapes and styles, DECADES re-interprets timeless classics in a modern way. From classic Panto frames to the bold contours of the 1960s and the supersized form vocabulary of the 70s and 80s. The translation of the models into MYKITA’s ultra-thin stainless-steel concept gives this collection an unprecedented, contemporary look.”

The bow tie: A beautiful tweed bow tie, perfect for those trying to push the boundaries of the fashion world. The entire bow tie range is exclusive to the Mrs Bow Tie brand, designed and handmade by the team in our UK studio. With the latest seasonal fashion trends and colours in mind, they constantly evolve the collections with particular attention given to the detail of each and every bow tie during the manufacturing process, employing the most experienced seamstresses and beautifully presented in a 100% recycled ‘Kraft brand’ gift box. Their bow ties are often chosen by celebrities, featured on TV shows and blockbuster films.

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Milania Greendevald
Milania Greendevald
1 year ago

Accessories have always been crucial in your style. But first of all, the style is embodied by the person himself. The appropriate haircut in this case will be a great addition. Contact barbershop Coral Springs to get a perfect completion of the look

8 years ago

At the same price a real Leica M3 is always a good choice, and will be more reliable than the Fuji (or any else modern camera).

Ae Neuman
Ae Neuman
9 years ago

the fuji x100s is a very good retro camera.
for those on a budget pickup a used x100 and load the latest firmware, the result will be a camera that performs as well as a new x100s and even outperforms the newer camera with jpegs.

Rodney Wren
Rodney Wren
9 years ago

I have those exact glasses. And I am picking up the Fuji X100S very soon.