Journal: These 5 Instagrammers Always Get The Right Shot

These 5 Instagrammers Always Get The Right Shot

By Michael Banovsky
December 16, 2015

Some wonderful accounts this week, but we’ve picked five of our favorites. From professional to amateur—and even a firm that blends the line between real and virtual life, there’s definitely a lot to recommend with these Instagrammers. When you’re done following them, you follow us at @petrolicious, don’t you?

Simon Hamelius is an automotive photographer, and as he says, also a gamer, and nerd. So are we, which must explain why we enjoy the combination of crisp, professional shots and behind-the-scenes snaps. 

We recently featured the digital artists at Unique & Limited, but if you want to stay on top of what they’re up to—or get an inside line on its next release—Instagram is the way to go. 

Long known for taking tons of fantastic photos and posting them on social media, @the_escape_road has (very) recently expanded into its own website—check it out!

You know who’s been on fire lately? Timo, otherwise known as @sportfahrer.

Finally, after featuring his awesome BMW 3.0 CS, we figured you’d enjoy seeing how enthusiast @joshsince79 keeps his calendar filled with car stuff… 


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Isaac DC
Isaac DC
8 years ago

Cool to see that you read my comment on your last post 🙂 For those who like classic Mini’s, it might be worth checking out the instagrams of: 5d89, Leicalogy and mxs15103.

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