Films: 1985 BMW 316: E30 Ownership 30 Years Later
Made To Drive | S10 E1
1956 Aston Martin DBR1: A British Racing Rarity
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Made To Drive | S10 E06

1985 BMW 316: E30 Ownership 30 Years Later

A passion for the brand led this young enthusiast to his first car and his first BMW.
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Made To Drive
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Ed Wullinski
Ed Wullinski
3 years ago

E 30 for ever !!!

Pedro Macedo
Pedro Macedo(@linkerman)
4 years ago

Fantastic film. My own story with my 1989 BMW 316i isn’t much different, so it was an especially enjoyable watch.

Steve Barratt
Steve Barratt(@fb_893210410)
4 years ago

This car found the right owner, this is a great story.

Wes Flack
Wes Flack(@wesflack)
4 years ago

E30 FTW!!
So happy the 1980s yuppy consumers unconsciously demanded so many, leaving us with a most discriminating compromise for the consciously economic enthusiast.

Drew Valentine
Drew Valentine
4 years ago

Lovely film, I want to be the only car on the road as well in my 1989 BMW E30 325i!

4 years ago

Superbe témoignage, belles images.
Un bel hommage a ce mythe automobile.

4C Spider Driver

Sébastien Defaux
Sébastien Defaux
4 years ago
Reply to  Phil94300

Merci pour ce retour !

Enjoy !

4 years ago

That was a nice video. I own a 1987 325is. This past spring, a tandem axle dump truck blew a tire and side swiped the quarter panel of my beautiful E30. The truck also tore the rear wheel & trailing arm out of the car.

My car was worth about $15K when it was hit and the damage is about that same amount. I had spent many hours restoring the car and it was such a beautiful, rust free car. The thought of sending it to the bone yard was just too much to bear.

So the car will be rebuilt. We are waiting for BMW quarter panels to come off of back order before beginning the work. I’ve never been rational about cars. The Carfax will be ugly and if I ever sell the car, some buyers will be frightened away. But you see so many old classic cars that have had complete frame off restorations with new body panels welded in and no one seems to mind that.

These E30s are very undervalued for the quality and performance that they offer. Some day they may be worth more. I think they are too nice to send to the bone yard if they can be saved.

Harv Falkenstine
Harv Falkenstine(@harv)
4 years ago

As a 63 year old car guy, this video brings to the forefront that excitement of the first car. This kid is going to be a “motorhead” for the rest of his life and this video documents the beginning of that life long passion. Makes me feel old but smiling with the memories. The attached picture was taken about 50 years ago, base housing, Munich, Germany the motorcycle is a 1951 DKW. Perhaps scheduling another visit with him in a few years is warranted. Thanks Petrolicious