Films: 2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R: Rotary Spirit
Made To Drive | S13 E1
1963 TVR Grantura: Eye Candy
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Made To Drive | S13 E03

2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R: Rotary Spirit

The ultimate tuner car, kept completely stock.
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Made To Drive
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Wanda Wigfall
Wanda Wigfall(@wanda_wigfall)
2 years ago

This is a dream machine. I even wrote an essay about her! When I got to get her.

3 years ago

Beautiful car.
Would anyone know what street is that with the Shepard Fairey art on the wall at 2:40?

3 years ago

I think you could do better than this one! I’d like to buy it from you. 😉

Gavin Langier
Gavin Langier(@laniger)
3 years ago

Whenever I see one of these cars go by I am struck by it’s compact and beautiful form, bordering on perfection. I find the whole mission to modify and boost performance a bit off putting but I guess until you’ve been there and done that you can’t really comment. I know I want one and I’m sure if I could bag one, it would be a keeper – for Japanese cars of this ERA the RX7 has an Aura that is hard to beat

Barrett Benton
Barrett Benton(@barrett_benton)
3 years ago

And *what* a Grail you have! And driving it, too. Congratulations on this true example of Driving Tastefully.

3 years ago

An even bigger mistake than that test drive would be taking it to the track. Then he’s going to want more power and grip, and instead of modifying this original, buy another one to mess with…

3 years ago
Reply to  jolocho

I have some limited track experience with race-prepped FDs, and I have to agree with you. With stiffer suspensions and much much more grip, the car became really snappy. It was an odd feeling because I seriously thought that I prefer the stock, much slower FD. I love all RX-7s, but FD in particular I have a soft spot for. Only thing I never could get over is, the exactly the same thought I had with NA Roadster – I wished Lotus’d made them.

3 years ago

What a beautifully balanced car. I wish there was more footage of the car driving in this film though.

Robert in LA
Robert in LA(@robert-in-la)
3 years ago

Extraordinary car. And far more fun to drive on a public road, in my opinion, than most of the sports cars of current production, that are so powerful and have so much grip that there is no sane way to explore that potential except on a rather large, closed course. Lightweight, lower power sports cars, as conceived by Colin Chapman and others, are so nimble and so versatile. Mazda has truly excelled in this sector.

3 years ago

Timeless and beautiful

3 years ago

One of timeless and beautiful designs