Films: 1984 Audi Sport Quattro: The Racer’s Daily
Made To Drive | S13 E1
1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider: Spider Bite
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Made To Drive | S13 E01

1984 Audi Sport Quattro: The Racer’s Daily

This three-time Le Mans winner drives four rings every day.
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Made To Drive

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John Rafferty
John Rafferty

Love the video…and the sound of that 5 is iconic. My mildly modded 89 200Q has traveled most of these United States. Tried to sell in years past (have owned since 1998) but gave up realizing nobody sees the value in it compared to the pleasure I get from driving it. I actually enjoy it more on long road trips than my 2001 S8 or 2001 911 cab. (Or 2018 Accord 2.0T -but need that car to salve my wallet after old German maintenance repair bills). Just finished bringing my 200Q halfway back to my home in Houston from my… Read more »


A great movie with a legendary car, I have the same car but unfortunately it is not used as much as this car. But the times when the car is used, it’s just a smile and a pleasure to drive.
In Norway, which is a small country with about 5 million people, it is actually 3 Original Sport Quattroes. All of these cars are red and all are in perfect condition.

Nicholas Nuccio


Greg Spark
Greg Spark

Brilliant work again, PL, thanks!
Have had several quattros over the years, but am now left with only one (not counting the ’18 Touareg of course) – the best quattro of all (except for the Sport) – a factory original rust free unrestored 20V ur quattro – the Sport is out of reach and/or unfindable for pretty much everyone, but a big part of the experience can be had in an ur.
Still findable and affordable, but probably not for much longer….


The subtitles don’t quite know how to identify the sound of the car under hard acceleration so it calls it “Applause”. I couldn’t agree more.

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson

Can’t imagine living there and owning that car! A match made in heaven.

Martin Warneke
Martin Warneke

Iconic car! Congratulations on your efforts to replicate such an awesome machine and your sympathetic video about its development. The attention to detail is amazing. I’d love to see it in person but as I live in Australia, that’s almost impossible; so your video allows me to enjoy it from afar. Thank you for sharing your passion for this amazing car. Love it!

Jim Glass

Terrfic car and driver… love my S3 Quattro!