Films: Facel Vega: An Affair with A Luxurious French Brute
Made To Drive | S5 E1
This Volvo P1800 Is A Watchmaker’s Design Cue
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Made To Drive | S05 E13

Facel Vega: An Affair with A Luxurious French Brute

Designed to be a grand tourer beyond reproach, the French brand Facel quickly earned a reputation for style, speed, and quality through the ’50s as it wood the European elite. The company’s slogan was, “For the few who own the finest,” and it’s easy to see why Facel cars are still highly prized today.For restorer Jasper Beukenkamp, Facel cars are a special sort of passion.
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Made To Drive
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Sté Phane
Sté Phane
7 years ago

The dash is painted aluminium. Rather stunning. Too bad no investors try to bring a French brand back to this level…

Kurt Uzbay
Kurt Uzbay
7 years ago

Love the dash.. and its pretty cool to see knock-off spinners on such a big car…

Mirko Cocco
Mirko Cocco
7 years ago

You may also like to take a look at the CineCars special about the Facel XK500, enjoy!