Films: Maserati 3500GT Will Make You Fall In Love
Made To Drive | S3 E1
This Oakland Racer Fits Just Perfectly
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Made To Drive | S03 E16

Maserati 3500GT Will Make You Fall In Love

We're all affected differently. Some people fall in love because their dad or uncle had one. Others fall in love out of necessity, constant breakdowns requiring them to work on their car. For Mr. Frank Mandarano a tour through the Maserati factory in the '60s was enough for him to be smitten. He bought his first Maserati a few years later, a red 3500GT, which promptly broke the day after he bought it.
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Made To Drive
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Marrige Partner
Marrige Partner(@marrige_partner)
2 months ago

Nice car and good site for finding cars. I would like to recommend you a site for finding girls – Great site to find a date girl or even buy a wife

7 years ago

Just lovely. I ve been following this magazine since one year ago and I can’t express the joy and surprise I ‘m facing every time I come across a new video. It’s not all about cars, it ‘s about men loving cars and their passion. Inspirational. I’m so proud my country could produce pieces of art such as this amazing Maserati made in Modena

Martin K
Martin K
7 years ago

Hi! Can you please tell me what is the song at 1:25?

Paul Washkowiak
Paul Washkowiak(@fb_522346110)
7 years ago

What a beautiful car. That is a guy dedicated to his car. Great story.

Ben Lamboeuf
Ben Lamboeuf(@ducbeak)
7 years ago

This video made me appreciate a car I would otherwise not look twice at (a matter of opinion). What always compels us, is the relation people have with their car, more than the vehicle itself. This film proved that point.

Adam Fairfax
Adam Fairfax(@acf321)
7 years ago

That’s what you call getting hit in the arse by a rainbow!! What a great story.

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
7 years ago

Great car and great video. Perfect choice of music for it too. One question The car is running on Carbs but looks to have an injection badge on the back? It this one of the 3500GT’s that originally ran Lucas ‘Prince of Darkness’ injection and later converted to carbs?

Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle(@mosler)
7 years ago

Im so in love with this car. I think im getting the Maserati bug as well :D. This car is such a good looking Italian beauty. These old cars are just like wine they seem to just get better with age. I just love hearing the sound of the DOHC 6 cylinder while he is cruising around the bend.

Jim Valcarcel
Jim Valcarcel(@ethel19)
7 years ago

This is really too funny of a story. Just think the guy buys the car. Then he proceeds to purchase not just parts for his car but entire DEALERS because a part broke. Now that’s dedication to your car! Great video.