Films: Wake Up To The Music Of A 3.8-Liter Porsche 911 RSR Homage
Morning Coffee | S1 E1
Mercedes-Benz 2.5-16 190E EVO II
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Morning Coffee | S01 E00

Wake Up To The Music Of A 3.8-Liter Porsche 911 RSR Homage

Who needs a cup of morning joe when you've got six cylinders of pure go?
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Morning Coffee
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2 days ago

I usually listen to music while driving. I use a memory card to store my best songs in my phone and connect it to my car to always have free songs. Also I also use mp3 ringtones for my phone website

1 year ago

I need bigger music, smaller cars.
How sad !! It was a car.

Yousef Fittiani
Yousef Fittiani(@yousef_fittianihotmail-com)
2 years ago

Will definitely be my next build 👍😊🎩🏁💙

2 years ago

I concur with all these comments – I presume the car’s owner most probably liked it – didn’t he ??

Tyson Ferrer
Tyson Ferrer(@tferrer)
2 years ago

Just terrible. The new style of sub-1 second shots all over the place overlaced with crap music makes this a total flop. Know your audience. So many of your films are great. This ain’t one of them. I almost get the feeling you bought this off the shelf to have something to post without having to do the shoot yourselves…

2 years ago

What the hell, Petrolicious? Not only the “…music…” was horrendous, the video was bad too, with all the camera shakes and cuts. Cringe-fest.

2 years ago

I have never heard a Porsche make that kind of music before ….stupid misplaced aggressive music. What is this growing trend to overlay videos with loud music? Let us bath in the sound of these special machines while we still have them & save your music for the coming avalanche of electrics. Very disappointing effort!

Mark Walker
Mark Walker(@markwalks)
2 years ago

Not just the first Petrolicious film I haven’t watched repeatedly but the first I didn’t watch all the way through. I think the other comments sum it up pretty well. Good on you for trying something new but I don’t think it worked. Mainly the music but even the footage was a bit irritating too.

2 years ago

I agree with the other comments here. Terrible music ruining fantastic cinematography. You guys have mastered the use of the camera, but insist on covering the siren song of a flat six with music from a low budget film. As soon as the music started I was disappointed.

If you need an example of your previous perfection, see the Triumph TR3A Morning Coffee from April 2017. Use that as a template. Find incredible/beautiful/significant cars, insert them into that style of video, rinse & repeat. In the meantime, remove the music from this video and the 250 California video and post them. Second option, give us the raw footage like you did with the 250 GTO.

2 years ago

I would love to see and hear more of this car but I had to put the video on “mute” due to the terrible cheap and aggressive music you have chosen. Why??

2 years ago

I sadly have to say this is the first time I have this will to stop watching a Petrolicious video halfway (long before the very last second of it which is how I am usually enjoying the content you create on this website). The obnoxious music being the main reason, it’s really killing the whole point of the video, which was to enjoy the pure sound of an engine. On a more personal note I will give my 2 cent : I am very disapointed in this video. As far as I love 911s, I don’t find any interest in watching 2 minutes of it driving around, not knowing anything more about the car and its history/owner. I didn’t really enjoy the fast pace of the video editing either, it felt to me like I am watching the new Need For Speed video game trailer.
I know these are only personal opinions and matters of personal tastes, but reading other comments here it seems I am not the only one to be disapointed in this film.
I really hope this is not meaning what I fear it means : the free content on Petrolicious dropping to a low quality content now that there’s also a premium/purchasable content… I am excited every Tuesday mornings knowing I’ll get to watch about 10 minutes of fascinating car culture content. I hope that won’t change, which would be a shame since so far on the other hand I am greatly enjoying the premium films released since I’ve subscribed, and I am really excited about receiving your first publication.

2 years ago
Reply to  Nico86


2 years ago
Reply to  Nico86

so true…

2 years ago

Sorry to make my first review of your films a negative one – there have been so many I have enjoyed, but this…It’s really annoying. Previous films have given real insight into the owners and their stories. Told us about the history of the car. Given us a sense of what it’s like to drive and why the owner loves it so much. This film does none of that. We hear nothing from the driver and can barely hear the car itself behind that stupid soundtrack. The overall effect is like a trailer for a Transformers movie. It’s dreadful. Sorry. Big thumbs down from me.

Paul Ipolito
Paul Ipolito(@leaf4evr)
2 years ago
Reply to  ArthurCampbell

Thank you! The over-the-top score that would have been rejected by GOT as too cheesy had me reaching for the mute button within seconds. Good grief!! It’s a frigging car.

Mark St Clair
Mark St Clair(@fb_10154261807253636)
2 years ago

It wasn’t shot in Sydney, it was shot about 50 miles North of Sydney in the Hawksbury area.

Who was the poor sucker who shot it? Yet another film on this site with no credits to the talent behind the images.

Shame on you again Petrolicious.

2 years ago

Title should have been “Wake up to the music of music drowning out a 3.8L RSR tribute”.

2 years ago

Great film, but way too short.

Jason Bollman
Jason Bollman(@fb_1504832867)
2 years ago

Would have rather just listened to the car.

Frank Anigbo
Frank Anigbo(@fanigbo)
2 years ago

This film might work better if it had some context, like the driver suddenly realizes he left the stove on and is in a hurry to get home before the house burns down. Regardless, the editing style is just too ADHD inducing.

2 years ago

What was that folded piece of paper with the colored squiggly lines on it that he was looking at?


Stephen Gough
Stephen Gough(@stephen_gough)
2 years ago

Well this footage was shot in Sydney Australia. We drive on the left here and even have 7/11s! As well as 911s… it would be nice to have had a lot less drama and a lot more car and driver. All that quick pedal work cut in with the car being calmly driven across a bridge was a bit weird. Congratulations to the owner of the car though – looks beautiful and from the sound bites does sound magical too. Thanks for the video Petrolicious. 👏🏼

2 years ago

can’t even hear the car. IF I wanted dramatic movie music I’d put on Rambo!!! let the pistons sing please

2 years ago

Correction…if things weren’t digital…

2 years ago

Any one notice…going by the 7-11 and gas station, as well the map, it looked like he was Stateside. But he was driving on the left side of the road and getting in and out of his 911 on different sides of the car on occasions.? If things were digital these days I’d ask if the film wasn’t in backwards.

Gavin Walcott
Gavin Walcott(@g_walcottyahoo-com)
2 years ago

This is the first Petrolicious FAIL! Horrible “music” and all that quick cut editing and faux drama. Terrible. Let us see the car. Let us hear the car. If there’s an interesting back story, tell it. Keep it simple.

2 years ago
Reply to  Gavin Walcott


2 years ago

The soundtrack was really overdone. Bad choice IMO. Made it sound like a Michael Bay movie trailer 🙁

2 years ago

Less music, more engine sound.

And let us see the car please. You can’t see anything if you keep cutting it.

Jonathan Bridgette
Jonathan Bridgette(@jonathan_bridgette)
2 years ago

so, I suppose if we are to continue to see the great content o past we will have to become paid subscribers ?”

2 years ago

the video was excellent but the music really distracts from the experience.

Randy Foulds
Randy Foulds(@randy_foulds)
2 years ago

You know what you are going to hear, over and over. Cut the music. I know you don’t want to be repetitive but, keep giving us what we want. He real sounds. No music. Anyone can cut stuff like this with epic music. It takes good editing to make an interesting film without music.
Now, launch your editing software, mute the music tracks, and re-output “clean audio” version please.

2 years ago
Reply to  Randy Foulds


Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards(@marktheserengroup-co-uk)
2 years ago

Why add the music when it says wake up to the sound of Porsche ???
That’s what I wanted to hear other than that great films guys.