News: Petrolicious Wants to Feature Your Car, Ride, Garage, or Road Trip

Petrolicious Wants to Feature Your Car, Ride, Garage, or Road Trip

By Petrolicious Productions
June 12, 2014

We’ve had such a great response with our Your Car features, so we’re expanding it to become Your Stories, because we not only want to hear about your car or motorcycle, but we also want to hear about your personal garage and your unforgettable road trip, and we want to share these stories with our Petrolicious readers.


Please email 7-15 high-quality photos (minimum 1400 pixels on the longest edge) to and answer the questions below depending on which type of story you are submitting.


We are looking for high-quality, beautiful photos to feature. We prefer that the pictures be captured on a DSLR camera to get the best quality possible.

If we choose to feature your story, we may email you asking for more details or photos.


Submission Guidelines

• We’re looking for tasteful, vintage cars

   from 1950–1989, but depending on the

   car, we’re open to cars from earlier

   decades or possibly into the early ’90s

• Can be either professionally restored or


• Can be stock, custom, or modded

Click here to see previous Your Car features

Please Answer the Following Questions

• What is your car or motorcycle’s year,

   make, and model?

• Where do you live (city and country)?

• What is a general description of your car?

• How did you become interested in cars?

• What do you love about your car?

• How did you come to find or own your car?

• What made you choose this car?

• Where do you most love to drive your car

   and why?

• Do you work on the car yourself?

• Is there any other interesting background

   information on you and/or your car?

Who is the photographer?


Submission Guidelines

• We’re looking for interesting garages

• The following are some examples to get

   you started:

 Jack Olsen’s 12-Gauge Garage is well-

designed and highly functional.

 Roberto Vesco’s garage boasts an

impressive collection.

 Venisio Pagani has a unique hideout

in Cortona, Italy. 

Please Answer the Following Questions

• Where is your garage located (city and


• What makes your garage special, unique

   or interesting?

• Have you made modifications to the garage?

• What do you keep in your garage?

• Is there a story behind the décor of the garage?

• What do you love most about your garage?

• Do you spend a lot of time in your garage?

   If so, how do you spend your time there

   (e.g. a retreat, work on your car, etc.)

• Is there any more interesting background

   information on you and/or your garage? 

Who is the photographer?


Submission Guidelines

• Trip could be an extended one or as short

   as a day

• The following are some examples to get

   you started:

 Josh, bought a first-gen MR2 and flew to

Texas to pick it up and drive it home.

 Scott Fisher traveled around the US for

eight months in his Datsun Roadster.

Afshin and Kika toured Italy in a 1968

Alfa Romeo GTV for their honeymoon.

 Jonathan loves to head out on the road

to be alone with his thoughts. 

Please Answer the Following Questions

• Where did you begin and end your trip

   (city and country)?

• How much time did it take?

• How much distance did you cover?

• Did anyone accompany you? If so, who?

• What was the purpose of your trip?

• What made your trip special?

• Did you run into any troubles on the trip?

• What did you love about your trip?

• What is the year, make, and model of the

   car you took on the trip?

Who is the photographer?

Photography by Jonathan WC Mills, Afshin Behnia, Stephen Heraldo, and Jack Olsen

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9 years ago

it would be great to submit one of our [url=””]pass hunters trip [/url]
We need to find a friend with a DSLR camera ! 😀

9 years ago

This is super neat, ’cause I’ve actually contacted Yoav a few months ago about my car and my up-coming trip to Laguna Seca for the 25th Miata Anniversary event organize by Mazda and various Miata community big names. My car might not be a vintage/classic car (1997 year model, but still first generation) that fits most of Petrolicious profiles. My mentor and I have spent numerous hours and resources to refine its performance on the track up ’til this day. Much like some of the featured cars like Mr. Jack Olsen’s physics bending 911 and Mr. Jason Len’s one of a kind E-type Lightweight, I see myself continuously building and developing the Miata while still keeping some of the most essential attributes of its origin – a lightweight, naturally aspirated FR machine, with intuitive handling characteristics. In preparation of the Laguna trip, I actually just came back from a back-to-back lapping weekend at Ridge Motorsports park in Shelton, Washington. If you guys feel interested to see how it performs, here’s a video of one of the many sessions:

I really hope to share this amazing trip in September with you guys and fellow petroheads who visit the site! If it doesn’t work out, I’ll still be delighted to perhaps chill with you guys there if any of you have the time. Mazda promises to make it a memorable for all attendees. Cheers!

9 years ago
Reply to  Beck

Photo credit above goes to: [url=””][/url]

Anne Kromhout
Anne Kromhout
9 years ago

If only I’d known a couple years back. I couldve written quite the story on my 11k Scandinavia roadtrip.

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