Gear: Porsche Emojis Now Exist Because Of Course They Do

Porsche Emojis Now Exist Because Of Course They Do

By Michael Banovsky
September 14, 2016

I’m an unapologetic user of emojis and .gifs in my day-to-day communication, but until today, there was no way to casually slip a well-rendered Ruf “Yellowbird” into a text message. Because this is 2016, we have emojis—and an artistic Porsche enthusiast like Kevin McCauley willing to draw a number of them to play nicely with the Messages app in Apple’s recently-released iOS 10. Here’s how to get them.

For $0.99, “Automoji for Porsche” is McCauley’s latest project, one that blends a cartoony rendering of classic and modern Porsches with a delightful amount of detail. Special cars, like the Ruf “Yellowbird”, various racing cars, and even tuned 911s—Magnus Walker’s included—make an appearance.

If you’ve updated your iOS to version 10 and use the Messages app, installation is straightforward and through the official App store…with the possibility of additional cars to be added soon. Which Porsche do you think renders best as an emoji?

H/T Automoji for Porsche

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10 days ago

wow these emojis are cute. Thank you for sharing!

10 months ago

These emojis are cute and really attractive, i love them!!

Clyde Kerby
Clyde Kerby(@clyde_kerby)
1 year ago

The Emojis loaded within the applications are costly. So please tell me the way how to make android apps for emojis in cheap price. I am new in this field so want to know more about it. Please help me.

1 year ago

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sreenath reddy
sreenath reddy(@sreenath_reddy)
2 years ago

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razma chawal
razma chawal(@razma_chawal)
2 years ago

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3 years ago

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Armando Gerard Van Pratt
Armando Gerard Van Pratt(@gerard_vpr)
5 years ago

Please make it for Android please!!

Uwe Eichenauer
Uwe Eichenauer(@uwe_eichenauer)
5 years ago

cool, unfortunately only for bloody apple stuff.

5 years ago

I love them all, but I need to know where to find the emoji’s once purchased. Please help!

Ed Rice
Ed Rice(@linderpat1)
5 years ago

okay, so no 928. Nice move. Keep your emojis.

5 years ago

Cool, need a 928, 928s and 928s4

Ellias Karwashan
Ellias Karwashan(@ekarwashan)
5 years ago

This restores my faith in humanity.

The Stig
The Stig(@thestig)
5 years ago

Sweet, iOS 10 ftw!

A Dias
A Dias(@adias)
5 years ago

Side views are also needed.

Dieter Roßbach
Dieter Roßbach(@dieter-rossbach)
5 years ago

I would like to see a 917 LH 1971 or even better the 917/20 Berta!

5 years ago

These are great! Can they be accessed through Android marketplace or the Google Play Store?
I would gladly pay for them if they were available!
Good work!

Martijn Sjoorda
Martijn Sjoorda(@martijn-sjoorda)
5 years ago

I like them all. What pleases me tremendously is that he stops before the 996. 🙂