Journal: Soviet Perspective on Automobiles, Auto Safety, and Industry

Soviet Perspective on Automobiles, Auto Safety, and Industry

By Petrolicious Productions
January 23, 2014

As in most nations, Soviet citizens shared the same fascination and problems that all nations do as cars became more commonplace. Unlike many nations, the Soviets have a strong tradition of beautiful, communicative graphic arts. For this reason alone, these posters are worth examining. But for Petrolisti, whether discussing Art Nouveau influences from France or Modern/Constructivist graphics cross-pollinated with Bauhaus inspiration, these posters are an interesting piece of automotive history.

Enjoy, Tavarish! And if you’d like to see more from the Sovietski Soyuz check this out…

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jay poole
jay poole
9 years ago

Glad to know that automobile companies are also focusing toward safety measures and doing noble job in this field. Not just OEM dealers like Soviet but also some aftermarket manufactures like iautobodyparts are rectifying the safety issue. Even government is also emphasizing the vehicle safety as you can see at but most of us don’t care about all these improvements going on. It becomes our moral duty to appreciate and encourage such things.

Mike Serebrennikov
Mike Serebrennikov
10 years ago

That poster on the right side of the top row says “If you’re not sure, don’t pass”
Based on all the dashcam videos out there, I think every Russian needs to print that out and hang it up on there center consoles.

Ryan Weaver
Ryan Weaver
10 years ago

I’ve always thought that Soviet artwork was fantastic. Advertising, war posters, PSAs, everything – the level of workmanship that had to have gone into them is incredible.

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