Journal: The Bridgehampton Museum Will Host A Special Cars & Coffee On September 17th

The Bridgehampton Museum Will Host A Special Cars & Coffee On September 17th

By Alex Sobran
September 7, 2017

Photography by Michael Shaffer

The Bridgehampton Race Circuit has a long history stretching back to the earliest years of motorsport in the United States in the 1950s, and though the track has been out of operation for almost two decades now, the site is still home to automotive activity. Only a few pieces of the circuit had survived its transformation into the golf course that now occupies the space, but last year’s inaugural invite-only show, dubbed The Bridge, saw some special machinery replacing the golf carts on the gentle greens of the course bearing the same name. The images shown here are from the 2016 event, and next weekend will see the return of many of these cars along with a host of other special attendees that count among their ranks a Jaguar XKSS, a handful of GT40s, a Countach “Periscopio,” an alloy-bodied Ferrari 275 GTB, and the Le Mans class-winning N.A.R.T. Corvette among others.

Though that event—which will host an art exhibit alongside the sculpted cars—is not open to the public, the organizers will invite all vintage and modern car enthusiasts alike to the Cars and Coffee to be held the following day at the Bridgehampton Museum, on September 17th. Many of the laudable machines displayed at The Bridge will join in alongside the open-invite attendees, so those nearby will have a chance to be among some definitive sports and racing cars from the circuit’s most active era of motorsport.

So, if you find yourself in the northeast next weekend and would like to attend an atypical Cars and Coffee, take a peek at the information below and get the soap and shammies out on Saturday evening. And as a bonus for the younger crowd, the show starts at 11am; no need to set the alarms for the dark hours of dawn this time!

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James Leclair
James Leclair
3 years ago

What a great event! I keen on old cars and history, and these retro babies are wonderful! I wish I could visit this museum! If you like history topics then discover this website with free essay samples on history. It really helps me to find my own ideas and some tips for writing better.

5 years ago

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6 years ago

I sat in that Stratos when it was still in New Zealand in 2013. It only had 4500kms on the clock since new. I was shaking, it was like meeting one of your heros.