Gear: Three New Porsche Prints From Artist Manu Campa In The Petrolicious Shop

Three New Porsche Prints From Artist Manu Campa In The Petrolicious Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
October 10, 2019

Manu Campa has just released three new prints and we are thrilled to offer them in the Petrolicious Shop. We did a film on Manu’s classic VW a few years back and shared how he found his way to classic cars. Once his attention was focused on automobiles, Manu developed a style that is at once realistic and also clearly done by hand, with a keen eye for the way light reflects off of curved panels of steel and aluminum and fiberglass.

Manu has now created three new prints featuring one of our favorite marques, Porsche. Each poster features an iconic vehicle from the German brand, the 917, 911, and everyone’s favorite, the tractor. If you ever get a chance to see a Porsche tractor race, like the one they had at Rennsport Reunion last year, you should make it a priority.

This legend was driven through the oldest streets of Madrid in 2019, and people’s reactions were incredible. Just imagine what this would have been like to see, and hear, this glorious machine on the streets. The Porsche 917 is arguably the most iconic sports racing car of all time. Renowned for its insane speeds and power outputs, the 917 is also the poster child of Steve McQueen’s legendary 1971 film, Le Mans. If you missed this car in Madrid, having this print on your wall is the next best thing. We are sure that with a quick Google search you can find a soundtrack.

Orange 911

The icon. No description needed when it comes to the front face of an early 911. Who wouldn’t want that famous face grinning at you every day from your wall? This is an early model before the impact bumpers were applied, which some say ruined the pure lines of this classic. We would tend to agree with them.


The famous German brand was not always about the flat-six engine. They produced beautiful tractors, like the one portrayed here.  In the old sawmill in the Austrian town of Gmünd, where Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry began operations after the war that saw them building the first 356s, they produced farming equipment to bring in much-needed money for the new sports car’s production. Tractors were obviously a part of that plan. Although it’s an agricultural machine, it still has in it the Porsche-penned lines that can even make something like a tractor look quite lovely.

Each poster is limited to 50 copies (signed and numbered as you’d expect), and since these are reproductions of Manu’s original paintings, they are an affordable way to add some high-end handmade style to your blank wall spaces that have been begging for something to do.

Check out the prints here:

All prints:

Limited edition print of 1/50, signed and numbered by the artist.
Ships from Europe. US and international customers may incur customs & VAT fees.
Reproduction of original painting. Item ships rolled in a tube.
Paper: Olin 315g

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