Journal: Unlikely Locale Hosts Gearhead Gathering

Unlikely Locale Hosts Gearhead Gathering

By Petrolicious Productions
May 6, 2013

Picture an informal meet-up of vintage car enthusiasts, parked on the street outside a café are old 911s, Lancias, a Maserati or two, a Fiat 131 Mirafiori, lots of American Muscle, Alfas, a Ferrari 308, Benzes of various classes, a Kermit-green 2002 and many, many others. A wide variety of different shapes, sizes, makes, and eras represented and everyone’s smiling and having a good time in anticipation of a great drive with like-minded gearheads.

Where do imagine such an idyllic scene taking place? The Central California coast, or maybe New England in summer? Perhaps the South of France? How about Iran? Probably not your first guess, or even among your first 20 guesses, but that’s exactly where the Tehran Café Racers are about to celebrate their three-year anniversary as a club. Just like any other quality, active motorclub, embers meet regularly to chat shop over tea and snacks before embarking on convoys through great local driving roads or to the track for an opportunity to really stretch their old machine’s legs.

In a wonderful Ferrari Chat thread dedicated to this thriving club several of their outings are further detailed, two of particular interest are a visit to the deposed Shah’s former car collection, now a dimly-lit museum full of slowly deteriorating Bizzarrinis, Ferraris, a Miura, and other incredible old exotica, and the club’s participation in the Tehran-Caspian Classic Rally.

Currently at 11 photo-packed pages, the thread is still regularly updated with new material, and is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday morning hour or two in front of the monitor with a cup of coffee.

Click here for link to the forum thread.

Thanks to Petrolista Matthew Lange for tipping us off to this great forum thread.

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11 years ago

Iran seems so far away as to be a completely different world, but it’s good to know that wherever you go there are people who just want to get together, have a good time and enjoy their cars.

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