Journal: What’s The Best Way To Camp Tastefully?

What’s The Best Way To Camp Tastefully?

By Michael Banovsky
April 28, 2016

We’ve been featuring off-road, overland, and off-the-road machines since Petrolicious started, and often those vehicles will be endowed with some sort of practical considerations for camping. This made us wonder: what’s the best way to “camp tastefully”—using vintage machines, of course.

I’d be less inclined to go camping regularly if I had to pile everything into an old Winnebago (as cool as they look) or ride a motorcycle into the middle of nowhere and spend the night using only a blanket and sleeping roll for comfort. Both are, perhaps, a bit too extreme for my tastes.

But towing a small teardrop trailer, or mounting a roof-top tent? Or—if I’m lucky—maybe enough room to pack a tent and a cot? That’s the type of lifestyle that seems most agreeable to me—grace, pace, and a little bit of space.

If you’re going camping with a classic, what’s the best way to do it tastefully?

Photography by Brook James & Shank family

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david ferreira
david ferreira(@davidf1998)
5 years ago

Land rover 3series 108

Dan Picasso
Dan Picasso(@foiledagain)
5 years ago

The answer is always Split Bus.

Thomas maine
Thomas maine(@2chevaux)
5 years ago
Reply to  Dan Picasso


Thomas maine
Thomas maine(@2chevaux)
5 years ago

I agree, only that my one is a Vanagon Westfalia, carries 4 and everything one needs to survive the great outdoors for a while.

Drew Ellis
Drew Ellis(@drew944)
5 years ago

The pop-top camper is the way to go. This is my camping rig. 1979 Toyota HJ-45. Carries 11 or everything I need to stay in the woods for a while.