Films: BMW 1-Series M Coupe: The Essence
Made To Drive | S15 E1
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Made To Drive | S15 E06

BMW 1-Series M Coupe: The Essence

The 1M succeeds in updating a classic recipe with modern ingredients.
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Made To Drive
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1 year ago

“ I love them, and I drive them,” well stated Adrian! Thank You for sharing your passion and enthusiasm for you iconic 1M. What a great looking ///M.

1 year ago

The cool thing about the 1M is that it’s essentially a 135i with some M3 parts bolted on and a wide body kit, and the engine is still just an N54. If you can’t spring for the real deal 1M, you can buy a 135i, budget $5k-$10k in mods (nearly all of the M3 parts are available,) and you end up with a stealth 1M killer. Heck, you can even get one with the more reliable N55 engine.

That’s kind of what separates the 135i from the classic non-M cars of the past. The 135i and 1M share an engine, so the 135i doesn’t need all that much to compete, considering the ridiculous second hand prices of the 1M.

1 year ago

For sure a cool car, and they are very light on their feet. I just don’t think it’s aged all that well, and there isn’t much about it, bodywork aside, to truly make it unique (for me). But the newer iteration is just such a vastly superior car in every conceivable way…and I’m usually the first person to prefer older than newer, that for close to the same $$, that’s where I’d want to be.

As always, extremely well shot and edited!

1 year ago
Reply to  ThatRS6

Whew, I don’t know. The shorter wheelbase and hydraulic steering of the old 1 series feels so much better than the 2.

1 year ago

Really cool story, I love the fact that it has three pedals as well.

Robert in LA
Robert in LA(@robert-in-la)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bohemianracer

The car is an unusual combination of things. The rear end is light. With the twin turbos torque comes in low, and the rear end breaks free readily. Seating position is up-right, with elements of the seats and interior trim borrowed from the 3 series and other larger sedans. There are passenger seats in the back, but these are sized for children. And the sheet metal has the late phase Chris Bangle influenced, ‘sows belly’ curve on the side panels. So the car is all BMW, and at the same time, not really like anything else.

Ron Martinez
Ron Martinez(@ronman02)
1 year ago

Had a chance to buy one of these when they were new at MSRP. I have owned many classic and contemporary classics over the past 20 years. The 1M is the one car I ultimately decided not to buy – and have only regretted it since. The owner nailed it when he described how the car hit his emotional button. When a car is unique, designed with purpose, well built, and hits your emotional button – buy it if you can! It’s the ultimate ownership experience that will provide a lifetime of memories. This owner and the 1M are a perfect match. Well done and thanks for sharing the story!

Chip Gross
Chip Gross(@chip_gross)
1 year ago

Just shared this on social channels as a testament of how much I loved this episode. Seeing the 1M alone was glorious. Seeing someone like me driving it and telling their car love story was sublime. I can’t express enough how much this one connected with me as a owner of a BMW ZHP and African-American. I had the same feeling the first time I saw my car – had to have it. Bravo.

1 year ago

Great video, cool car, and really liked hearing from the owner – seems like someone I would love to hang out with and chat about cars.

1 year ago

1M film is not showing. The Badge film shows instead….

Donald Compton
Donald Compton(@donald_compton)
1 year ago

I have tried to watch the 1M film, but your site keeps showing an Italian film.

Mike True
Mike True(@mike_true)
1 year ago

Website problem? When I click play, the history of badging film plays, not the 1M film.

Dennis White
Dennis White(@alfa66)
1 year ago

I’ve read about the 1M and great to see one in action. Not really a white car guy, but do like this classic BMW livery. Very cool and looks like a lot of fun to drive up on Angeles Crest or anywhere. Thanks!

Ric Bergstrom
Ric Bergstrom(@fb_10207656935688220)
1 year ago

Personally I’d argue “The Essence” is a well set up 128i Sport or M sport. Just something magic about driving an NA 6 hard. I’ve owned both 135 and 128 and the 128 is far more balanced and engaging. Bonus points for not being worried about crashing your super rare expensive 1m.