Films: The Nissan Bluebird Is A Little Beast
Made To Drive | S5 E1
Ferrari 250 Testarossa Tribute: Building Your Dream Is A Beautiful Thing
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Made To Drive | S05 E24

The Nissan Bluebird Is A Little Beast

Saying that a car is able to get under one’s skin sounds like an exaggeration, but Nissan enthusiast Troy Ermish has more than a little appreciation for the 510. Ermish says that his love for the model comes down to one similarity between him and his cars: they’re tough.
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Made To Drive
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5 years ago

My own project

Joel Waggz Wandimi
Joel Waggz Wandimi(@fb_1473275826)
6 years ago

Great car. Looking forward to the day you will feature the Datsun 610 😉

Jim Valcarcel
Jim Valcarcel(@ethel19)
6 years ago

Great film as usual. Your change of pace on subject matter keeps me always looking forward to Tuesday.

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson(@pdxbryan)
6 years ago

Man, you guys keep knock in’ it outa’ the park with the videos!
Featuring Troy and his 510s once again brings the focus on the scrappy, hands on side of car culture that’s not about prestige but about the connections. Not only between man and machine, but also within the community. Troy’s been respected in the Datsun community for quite a while now and it’s amazing to me to see the continued love of these unstoppable little cars 43 years after seeing the BRE cars at “The Glen” 2.5 Trans Am Challenge. Nice job everybody!

6 years ago

Wow, Bluebird! That’s a car I never thought would see here in the US. When I was a kid back in Japan, I thought those cars were just lame, like today’s Camry and Corolla, never paid any attention to them. Except for the SSS. Even then I knew that was something special.