News: The FJ Roadster Is Classically Simple Yet Thoroughly Modern

The FJ Roadster Is Classically Simple Yet Thoroughly Modern

By News Desk
November 1, 2019

ICON 4×4 has been ‘re-imagineering’ (their word not ours) the classic Toyota FJ for a number of years now and its vehicles offer the perfect mix of modern performance and technology with classic styling.

This FJ Roadster is its latest creation. It’s been designed with Spartan simplicity as its main theme yet there are still some modern touches to make the driving and ownership experience exceed the customers’ expectations and make it more usable.

Notable features include three-stage carbon-fiber heating elements in the seats, a 7in multimedia system with tetherless Apple CarPlay and analog-style gauges which have been designed to accept digital OBDII powertrain signals.

“We are probably best known for obsessing on small details,” comments Icon co-founder Jonathan Ward. “But for the FJ Roadster, we decided to go super-simple: no aircon, no doors, less weight… Plus, we’re able to reduce cost and build time but without compromising durability. If you think of the established Icon FJ series as trekking boots, think of the new Roadster as a pair of all-terrain sport sandals!”

The rest of the package uses the same rugged components found in Icon’s other FJ products, which means you get Art Morrison chassis components, including a multi-link suspension system incorporating Fox Racing coilovers, Eibach springs and tunable swaybars. Axles are brute-force Dynatracs with custom Icon/Brembo disc brakes: ProRock 44 up front and ProRock 60 at the rear.

This particular FJ Roadster is upgraded with ARB Air Locker differentials and Icon Sport Suspension with tunable nitrogen-charged shocks with remote reservoirs. A GM-sourced 430hp 6.2-liter V8 is mated to a five-speed manual transmission for this model but a Cummins 2.8-liter diesel is also available. Pricing starts at $185,000, in contrast to the existing Icon FJ, which kicks off at $215,000. The first Icon FJ Roadster will debut to the automotive industry at the 2019 SEMA Show.

Images courtesy of Icon

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Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer
3 years ago

This high-dollar toy is certainly fun to look at and I’m sure it’s perfectly executed but speaking as a guy who has done many thousands of miles of remote back-country 4WD “trekking” all over the southwest I can only marvel at the minimalist, no doors, windows, air conditioning approach. It gets HOT, WINDY,DUSTY, AND FREEZING COLD out there regularly, heck sometimes all this discomfort within 12 hours. Well, it does have heated seats which seem a notable concession to the elements I guess. Congrats to Petrolicious and Icon on presenting us with yet another lovely toy for the streets of Beverly Hills…..or Boca.

3 years ago

I have nothing against offroaders despite concerns about the environment they damage when actually being driven off road, but when confines to certain “play” spaces that’s okay. What I can’t help wondering as I see more and more of these back-to-basics special purpose vehicles, is who is actually buying them? Where can you realistically drive around without doors? With insane price tags like these, however, I guess it’s clear that not very many customers are anticipated, just a small number of wealthy folks who’ll either run these vehicles around town, rather pointlessly, or who’ll actually get them dirty. Having said that, sports cars are impractical toys too, and are driven outside of their ideal settings routinely. I don’t know… big prices on supercars at least don’t seem so out of place as they do on dirt toys like this one.